Coffee break and Tube sketches

Shameless self-promotion in Dorset Magazine for my upcoming exhibition at Shaftesbury Arts Centre Gallery 21-27 March

The usual wonderful work by Mount Art Services making my new frames……just got to fill them now……

Three degrees in the woods when I started painting these………brrrrr

Many thanks to Dorset Magazine for a lovely feature on painting, ash trees and March exhibitions

Looks like a day trip to London is on……Very pleased '1058: Ashmore Woods' has been selected for Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours exhibition at the Mall Galleries 6-21 April

Stepped out of the comfort zone today……and happily landed in the midst of the lovely South Petherton Art Group to give a watercolour demonstration. Thanks to them all for their enthusiasm and encouragement. Especially organiser Maureen Moore

Many thanks to The Woodland Trust for featuring my work in Broadleaf magazine

Lovely surprise: really pleased to be pre-selected for Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours competition at The Mall Galleries

Pictures from an Exhibition. Up and running at the Springhead Trust Fontmell magna SP7 0NU

Bees and trees……with 40 other paintings on show at Rooted in Dorset exhibition at Springhead Trust, Fontmell Magna, SP7 0NU……Now

Two more ash-framed ash paintings for Rooted in Dorset exhibition at Springhead Trust, Fontmell Magna, SP7 0NU 6-17 Dec

Some of the 25 woodland ash paintings ready for 'Rooted in Dorset' exhibition at Springhead Trust, Fontmell Magna, SP7 0NU 6-17 Dec

Some more prep for Rooted in Dorset exhibition, 5-17 Dec at Springhead Trust

Phew. A little selection of the just finished, 25 new plein air watercolours ready for upcoming show

Advert for Rooted in Dorset in Evolver magazine

Another bit of the office and some of my tools


What a venue for my first solo exhibition: Rooted in Dorset. 5-17 December

The taxi boys and their signs at Heathrow T3

TOP TIP When painting plein air, don't use watercolour if it's raining……

Once again: My Left Foot

Running out of room in this sketchbook: getting some weird combinations

Nice timepiece at Cliveden Hotel

My latest article in The Ecologist highlighting the threat to British Ash trees and the upcoming AshScape Project

Cows checking that I'm getting on OK with my plein air painting

"He didn't?" "He did." Coffee shop sketch

What else could it be? Lovely Mount Art FSC ash frame all ready for AshScape Project exhibition 10-15 October

My set up in the forest. Perfect spot……except for the plague of insect bites……

Nothing like an upcoming solo exhibition to focus the mind. Getting a series together……slowly

If you go down to the woods today……you would have seen me painting

Beautiful avenue of trees at Lucknam Park Hotel

Hard at work in the office……glorious day painting Shaftesbury from the field behind our house

Some ash tries……experimenting with different papers for a new series of paintings on ash trees called Ten Fifty Eight. There are 1058 UK species...

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A bit more Beaverbrook

Beautiful Mediterranean gardens at The Beaverbrook hotel

Pleased to be showing some Somerset butterfly paintings at the Ilminster Open Exhibition

Try a Smoking Gun cocktail in The Century bar of Gleneagles if you get the chance. Lethal

Wonderful National Trust grounds at the Hartwell Hotel

Really pleased that this painting has made it into the final round of judging for The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition

Sleeping and working people on one of the hottest trains in the world. Air con broken as usual

Having a break from the SGFA exhibition. View of St Paul's from the Bankside gallery.

Splashing about some watercolour. The back field at sunset

A day in London

Lovely Egerton village: leaning buildings, screeching swifts. Oh and a great pub: The Barrow House

Thanks to The Blackmore Vale Magazine for a nice feature on my work

As you can see, honoured to have won 1st prize at Shaftesbury Art Centre exhibition on until 6 June

At RSPB Arne donating a cheque after the sale of this painting

La girl on the train. Zurich to Paris TGV sketching

More views from the Preidlehof

Drawn to the frozen south: my account of sketching in Antarctica that appears in The Ecologist

Great view from the Preidlhof hotel in north Italy

The incredible foyer space at The Ned, London. The final big push for opening

People-watching at The Ned before it opened to the public

Share my pain……au chocolat

If you get the chance, have a nibble here. Lucky enough to have had incredible Michael Caines meal at Lympstone Manor

So lucky to have seen a pod of Orca

Seals cloudbathing on the rocks

Some chinstrap penguins and sleeping fur seals

Woke up to see this drifting by

Careful now. This music is adictive. My latest article in The Ecologist is an interview with sound sculptor Matthew Shaw and his new work Lodge Hill

Young fur seals, Wrecked whaling ship and a breaching humpback. Amazing sights

Argentinian station 'Brown'. Beautiful calm sea

Glaciers and ice all around

First steps onto Antarctica. Gentoo penguins all around. Hand freezing sketching them

Wind dropped. Calm waters today. Freezing

First sight of Antartica. Due to land on Half Moon Island but wind too strong

Freezing on deck. Saw first iceberg. Cape petrels follwing ship. Nearly at Antarctica

Juvenile Wandering Albatross following ship. Longest wingspan in the world

On our way to Antarctica. Two days sailing across the Drake Passage. Luckily it's calm………so far

Foggy lane near Ashmore. The highest village in Dorset

Sketching on the train. Wearing glass was compulsory that day

View across the field to Writh Farm

Sue stewarding at Iminster Arts Centre

The wonderful Pig on the Beach in Studland

Looking towards Old Harry Rocks from Studland beach……there are one or two (literally) seahorses in that sea

A wing spare part

Coffee break outside Ilminster Arts Centre where the Open Prizewinners' Exhibition is on until 21st January

Many thanks to Matt Faulkner and BBC Somerset for featuring my paintings at the Ilminster Open Prizewinners' Exhibition. Review appears at 54mins in here

Oh come on! That's not fair. How are we painters supposed to compete against this sort of thing?……a Shaftesbury sunset

Me being an exhibitionist at the Ilminster Open Prizewinner's Exhibition from the 3rd to 21st of January

Proud my otter and seahorse paintings are swimming alongside some lovely David Parfitt, Deborah Westmancoat and David Smith works at the Quartz Arts Festival exhibition in Taunton from 16-22 December

My way of getting through X-factor

The gorgeous Zoomorphic magazine publishes stories, essays and poetry on wildlife and I'm really pleased to be featured in this issue

Read about Lesley Hilling's incredible wooden contructions in my Ecologist article

So many Caribbean birds, it's hard to pick which ones to sketch

12 inches …… a foot

See recent press coverage for the Green Creates exhibition

Hambledon Hill and autumn hedges

Near Stonehenge the other day there were two massive flocks of now endangered Lapwing. The most I've seen in years

Luckily I have the right equipment for painting otters underwater……

On the train. The man opposite is catching up on his emails

Environmental photographer Edward Parker's new book on Ancient Trees of the National Trust is the focus of my latest Ecologist article

Beer glass

Great to have the support of The Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP at the Green Creates exhibition. Many thanks for the photo Alex Moira

Dead or asleep? On the 2220 from Waterloo

Very pleased that 'Canary in the coal mine' was bought by a mystery bidder in the 'Green Creates' exhibition and auction

Great to meet Natalie Bennett at the 'Green Creates' exhibition and auction at Hoxton Arches. 50 international artists including Grayson Perry, Gavin Turk, Lesley Hilling, Ralph Steadman, Andy Goldsworthy on show until 24 October

My new 'Blandford otter' painting is quite big……

I'm really pleased to have been invited to exhibit at the Green Party's 'Green Creates' exhibition and auction in London at Hoxton Arches on...

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Tisbury station waiting for …… a train

Steetview from the lovely Connaught Hotel

More than one of your five a day here. The Connaught looking after your health

Cliveden Hotel's lovely back garden

Some stonework at Cliveden

Some birds, a beetle and a buzzard (not to scale)

The bottle of Bath Ales Gem just didn't look right with the top on

S is for Seahorse. They are available for adoption from the Dorset Wildlife Trust here

Electricity off all this morning. It frequently happens round here, so I had to sit in a coffee shop to charge up my phone

Toaster. Does its job well

View from the observation tower of the lovely Twr y Felin Hotel in St David's Pembrokshire


Really pleased to have won a Highly Commended award at the Ilminster 2016 Open


My first piece for The Ecologist as their Artist in Residence is on Kurt Jackson and his 'Bees (and the odd wasp) in my Bonnet' exhibition. Lovely and important work

My polar bear is Image of the month in the August issue of the Society of Graphic Fine Art Journal

Really honoured to have become The Ecologist's Artist-in-Residence

Proud to be elected as an associate member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art. I even have a page here to prove I'm not making it up

Sketch of Helm Crag from the lovely Forest Side hotel

Thanks to everyone for their support for my recent Dorset Art Weeks exhibition. It was great to see some red dots before my eyes

Coffee break sketch at the exhibition

Pepper the exhibition/farm dog thinks the show is a snooze. Decide for yourself. Find me here

Sketch of the balcony at the lovely Painswick hotel in the Cotswolds

View of St Pauls from the Mondrian

Pot. Kettle. Black

Ink sketch

Handed over cheque at the Living Planet Centre to the brilliant WWF. I give 10% of every sale to an appropriate charity and I can't think of a...

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Always draw from what you know . . . .

Sketch of our nut snack jar. I count the contents as one of my five a day

Sketch of Salisbury cathedral cloisters. I love cedar trees

Tea break sketch

Periparus ater – coal tit – eating honeysuckle berries

The elephant in the room sketches

Garden birds

Sleeping beauty . . . must've been at those Red Devil apples

Red Devil apple from the orchard. Classic Snow White bait

Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids. Spend the money on Ballyfin. I think it's the best hotel in the world

Hollyhock seed head

An apple from the orchard

People have no idea how I suffer: had to sit in the full sun for this Venice‬ view. Thanks ‪Amanresorts‬